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Trusted links:

We recommend the following links to web-sites that we personally know and trust.  You will not find pop-ups, spam or other annoying unwanted pages.  More links will be added as time goes on.

Updated February 2015

Laura Lloyd

This is a brand new site for Laura Lloyd who has been promoting shows in Canada since 1994.  If you are looking to find a psychic event in your area you may wish to bookmark this site for future reference.


Debbie Dyer

A reading with Debbie is a unique experience.  Using the Tarot cards, she invites you to draw those cards that have meaning for you.  Debbie will explain each card's meaning to you in matters from relationships to business.  She is also has the ability to use the Universal Healing Energies to balance your energies and chakras.  Debbie records your session on CD. 


Ted Silverhand

Ted is a renowned Native American, Seer of the  Tuscarora Nation, well known in both Canada and in the United States.  Ted is a respected and trusted friend.   His web site will help to introduce this gifted and very spiritual man.


Brenda Silverhand

Have a look at this beautiful, newly launched site.  Brenda is  an accomplished writer and a motivational speaker.  Watch her site for inspirational stories and articles.


Barry Alder

Barry is a newly published Canadian Author living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His  fourth book of the 'Inner Voices Series' wasreleased early in 2011.  Published by Baico Publishing  Inc., Ottawa.


Alder Book Publishing

Barry Alder now offers a book publishing service.  Authors can publish conventional hard copy books in any sized run or take advantage of Barry's expertise in entering the E-book market.  Have a look at his newly launched, website.


Impact Event Management

Promoters of Psychic Fairs both in Ontario and also in the Canadian Maritime Provinces.  The site includes show dates and provides links to some of the exhibitors.


Baico Publishing Inc.

This is a Canadian publisher dedicated to promoting the works of Canadian authors.  They are located in downtown Ottawa and offer both in-store and on-line book sales.




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