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Viking Runes

Out of the mists of time come the ancient Runes of the Vikings.

Steeped in mystery and majic, this is an original alphabet unlike any known to man.

Historians trace this Teutonic script back some two thousand years to the ancient people of Northern Europe.

Inscriptions have been found on stone monuments, bracelets, helmets, swords and shields. A few rare parchments have survived but sadly most of the Rune history is lost.

The Runes were and still are a method of writing, but they are also used as an Oracle or method of divination. Although the 'Elder Futhark' was comprised of 24 characters, the Willow sets provide an additional blank Rune, of more modern origin, for a total of 25 Runes.

Using Viking Runes as your own personal Oracle

To consult the Runes, simply form a mental image of the issue, draw the Runes and listen as your unspoken question is addressed and your path is made clear. Experience the wonder of this ancient Viking Oracle and become enlightened about your pathway in life.

Materials used in Willow's Viking Runes

Runes made of Cherry Runes made of Pine 
Click on images for enlarged views

We manufacture and sell runes in the widest selection of materials anywhere.

  • Domestic North American woods
  • Exotic woods (bocote, holly, padauk, purple heart)
  • Antler shed annually from the white tail deer.
  • Bough Runes in traditional woods: apple, butternut, lilac, mystic bough, willow
  • Beach stone, crystals, semi-precious stones

Supplied with bag and instructions  $ 35.00 CDN and up

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