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Willow has made available her own collection of Spells and Rituals designed to serve a multitude of purposes. Some are listed below but watch for new Spells and Rituals as they are added to our collection.

  • Abundance Ritual
  • Binding Spell
  • Bottle of Protection
  • Burden Basket
  • Century Old Iron Nails
  • Dreams and Wishes Spell
  • Faery Circle Ritual
  • Freedom Ritual
  • Healing Ritual
  • House Blessing
  • House Charm
  • Inner Child Ritual
  • Majical Rainbow Ritual
  • Moon Wish
  • Negativity and Depression
  • Soul Mate Ritual
  • Portable Altar
  • Willow's Personal Power Candle
  • Willow's Little Dammit Doll
  • Witches' Bottles

Each of the items listed come with all of the tools necessary to perform the Spell or Ritual in accordance with the  instructions  included in the package. Prices vary with each package.

Watch for more spells and rituals coming soon.

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