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 Starting in January 2007, all readings are recorded  a Compact Disc (CD) at no extra charge.

 Regarding CD recordings, Willow was one of the very first to offer this latest trend in technology.

 Note: We cannot guarantee the quality of the recording nor the quality of playback.

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Readings with Willow

Willow is a third generation psychic, a gifted seer, following her grandmother’s psychic path. For the last two decades she has developed her abilities to a fine degree, and she brings her own special sensitivity to a reading. 

Willow is a third generation psychic She is a healer, and also a Master in both the Usui and Tibetan Reiki healing methods. Her readings are straight to the issues and have proven to be very accurate.

Unlike many seers, Willow’s readings rely mainly on the use of the Viking Runes in both traditional wood form or in card form. She has honed the use of her Runes to such a fine art that the client cannot discern her readings from that of a traditional Tarot reading. 

Willow brings her own special sensitivity to each reading. Willow has appeared on local and national television and in many Ontario newspapers. She has lectured across the province and also conducts workshops, classes and teachings on a variety of subjects. Her testimonials from satisfied clients speak volumes on her uncanny ability to touch your very soul.

Willow is available for psychic card readings at Psychic Fairs and Expos, by phone or e-mail.  Readings, Reiki treatment sessions and workshops can be conducted in our home by appointment. 

The Reading area Displays in the Willow Room
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Willow is also available for reading parties, lectures and workshops in your home or meeting hall. Call to make arrangements for any of these services.


Readings with Lawrence, Bard of Caledon

Lawrence, husband of Willow, has been the retail side of this enterprise for the last twenty years.  Today he takes his rightful place as a reader of  the Tarot Cards and of the ancient form of geomancy known as the Druid Sticks. 

The Tarot cards are well known and respected in the psychic community.  Lawrence has made a lifetime study of the Tarot and is amazingly accurate with his readings and predictions.  For the most part your reading will be positive and encouraging but Lawrence will always address issues no matter how sensitive with his straight forward and honest insight.

The Druid Sticks have been manufactured and sold by the retail side of this company for many years.  Thorough his research he went into the development of this oracle and as a result Lawrence became very adept at casting and interpreting the symbols formed by the Sticks.  Many people own the Druid Sticks but Lawrence is the only reader who makes exclusive use of this ancient oracle in a full  reading. 

Both the Tarot and Druid Stick readings include a free CD recording of the session


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