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Over the past seven years, Willow has developed a growing line of personal jewellery. Items offered include rings for ladies and men; pendants and amulets; magnetic healing bracelets; necklaces; pins and much much more.


Samples of typical wire wrapped pendants.   We wrap in sterling silver wire; 14 kt. gold filled wire; or a special non-tarnishing special craft wire.   Each piece is unique and subject to availability.   


Our rings can be made in any size from size 3 to size 16 subject to the limitations dictated by the style and size of the stone used.  Some examples of the variety are detailed here.


Magnetic Jewellery

Willow began to produce magnetic bracelets and necklaces in the fall of 2005.   Marketed as 'Magnetic Healing Bracelets' this product has been quite successful for our business.  Many people believe that magnetic therapy in the form of jewellery can help with a variety of ailments such as; joint pain, sore muscles, tension, headaches and circulatory problems.  Scientific, empirical proof is lacking but for many (including Willow and Larry) the proof is in the wearing.  We make no false claims about the effectiveness of  this product, simply try it and see for yourself.

Willow, Creators of Mystical Treasures   also offers the following Tools & Treasures;


Crystal Healing Wands.  Shaped to fit the hands of the massage practitioner, made of a variety of materials such as Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Jasper, Onyx and more.  Also useful as a meditational focus as the holder feels the energy of the stone.

Some of our wands are made of pure copper pipe and carefully selected natural quartz crystals, with a removable cap to allow access within the tube in order to add other crystals to change and enhance the wand's energy.  Each crystal cleansed and charged for their intended use. Deer antler and wooden wands are also available.


Medicine Stone Bags fashioned from I00% cotton, I00% silk or leather, to carry medicine stones, minerals and crystals. Silk Tarot Bags the traditional storage medium, other than oak for your tarot cards. Offered in a variety of sizes, colours and textures.

Crystal and Gem Stone Chip Necklaces in a variety of colours and sizes, some with matching earrings. Jewelry Selection of hand crafted items in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled wire using crystals and semi-precious stones. Custom orders accepted.

Flax Seed Pillows - eye and neck pillows made of 100% cotton. Found to be effective as an aid to relaxation.

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