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The Druids ... what mystery the name evokes! Older than the history of the Norsemen, older than the time of the Romans in Britain, the Druids were a religious sect of the Celtic people who wrote little of their mysterious religion.

Others wrote of them, claiming that they spoke the language of the 'gods'. That language was kept secret. Theirs was an oral tradition, passed on by years of training and practice.

click to enlargeWe know that they held divination in high regard and used many forms of augury. One form, geomancy, can be practiced with four wooden sticks. Each stick has a single inlay on one side and two on the reverse. When cast they produce 16 combinations of symbols. Each symbol or tetragram has a meaning and can be interpreted as one would any other oracle.

There is no historical evidence to prove that the sticks bearing their name were ever used by the Druids or their Ovates. We do know, however, that the ancient symbols and geomantic interpretations are valid. Try them, they really work!

Features of Willow's Druid Sticks

  • Traditional woods of the British Isles and Northern Europe: oak with walnut inlays, or contrasting walnut with holly (or maple) inlays.

  • Distinctive storage bag.
  • Instructions and interpretations.

Supplied with bag and instructions  $ 40.00 CDN

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