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   Celtic Tree Oracle

Based on the ancient language of the Celts, this is one of the oldest scripts known to man. Like the Runes of the Nordic people, it is made up of pictographs, glyphs or mnemonics.   Seen as a series of mainly straight lines and angular smaller lines, there are very few curved lines: in fact the last five containing curved lines were added centuries later. 

The Celts were one of the pre-Roman Indo-European tribes of Europe. They populated the west of the British Isles from Scotland, down through Wales and into Cornwall, Ireland and the Brittany coast of western Europe. In ancient times they were known as Gauls. Their lands in Europe known as Galatia. Variations of their language is referred to even today as Gallic.

Inventors of the chariot and chain mail armor, these mighty warriors invaded Rome itself however in the end they were defeated by Julius Caesar and made slaves of Rome in the first century.

The Celts worshiped many nature gods and were ruled and advised by Druid priests. Their written language known as 'Ogham' is reproduced in oak and is supplied with a simple instruction booklet. 

As with the Viking Runes, this secret language was used for both divination and as a form of communication.  This was thought to give the Druids so much power that Royal decrees was issued to prevent the Celts communicating in Ogham.  It was believed to give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace.  

Set with bag and instructions  $ 40.00 CDN


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