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Book Shelf

At many of our shows, depending on available space,  we offer a small selection of books on a variety of subjects of an esoteric nature.  At every show however we do offer the following:  

Authors: Willow, Larry and others

Holy Bible or Wholly Babble? You decide.

by Lawrence F. Errington

The Holy bible is without a doubt, the most published and the most criticized book ever written.  Most literary books about the Bible have a bias towards the truth of the written Word.  This book does not.  If you have ever questioned what is written in the Bible; if you have wondered if a snake actually spoke to a woman named Eve; if you have ever questioned Moses' parting of the waters then this book is a must-read.  This book not only questions some of the extraordinary Biblical tales, but offers alternative and plausible answers to many questions that the Bible raises. 

Published in Canada by BAICO Publishing Inc. Ottawa, Ontario, 2009

This book made its debut in 2009 at the first annual Canadian Authors Festival held at the Aviation Museum in Ottawa,  October 16 - 18 inclusive.  The Festival was organized by Baico Publishing Inc. 

$ 22.95 CDN

Also available on-line at www.chapters.indigo.ca

As of June 2011 an E-book edition is available from the following sources, priced at $4.99 USD;




More to be added soon.  Keep checking.


Spellcrafting, a Beginner's Guide to the Craft

 This is a self published book by Willow written as a guide to those who would  like to learn more about the 'Craft'.   Willow has drawn from her own personal experience as a Solitaire and written in an easy to read style, containing a wealth of information useful for both the beginner and the experienced practitioner.  A gentle introduction to the 'Craft'.  Also available on CD, narrated by Willow.

$ 13.00 CDN

Spellcrafting II,

This second book by Willow is a continuation of Spellcrafting and offers more workable Spells, Rituals, Blessings and Charms.  Spellcrafting II will add to your knowledge of the tools, traditions and information needed to continue on your most majical path and make suggestions as to the tools required.  A must read for all who are interested in the ways of the 'Craft'.  Also available on CD, narrated by Willow.

$ 13.00 CDN

Spellcrafting III,   "Coming soon".

This third book by Willow will proceed along the majical path and offer a wealth of information and suggestions on Blessings, Charms, the part they can play in your life and  much, much more.  An extension of a most Majical and Mystical Path and a great source of delightful energy.   

$ 13.00 CDN

The Tarot Made Easy,

A very simple easy to read booklet designed to help the novice learn to read the Tarot Cards.  We use the simple premise of KISS. ('Keep It Simple Sally'.)  We use a few 'seed' words for each card without all of the long explanations of most books on the subject.     by Larry

$ 10.00 CDN


This Rune student's pamphlet is another KISS style of instructions proven helpful to any beginner.  Learn a bit of history of the Runes, their interpretation and how this exceptionally old Oracle reflects and impacts in your day to day activities.  The Viking Runes.   by Willow

$ 2.00 CDN

The Pendulum Book,

This is a pamphlet style booklet to help guide the novice in learning some of the many uses for the pendulum.  This booklet has a Pendulum Chart at the centre which allows you to perform a reading on yourself concerning all aspects of your day to day life.   Learn the ancient art of dowsing.  by Willow

$ 8.00 CDN

My Journey To Wholeness,

Willow's wisdom and intuitive feelings about the Runes, their vast amount of centuries old knowledge and how this ancient Oracle  reflects on what's going on in your life today.  It's a  workbook that focuses on Runes and how they correspond with a variety of other Oracles such as the Tarot, the Celtic Tree Oracle, Animal Cards, Crystals, Wood and much much more.     by Willow

$ 13.00 CDN

Whispers from the Grove

Willow's workbook on The Celtic Tree Oracle proved to be a continuation of her exploration of ancient alphabets and a history filled with symbolism and glyphs.  In the sacred groves of the Druids and Celts I unearthed my own roots in the Celtic tradition.  Referred to as "the finger alphabet, the Celtic Tree Oracle has a wealth of information and history and is a true method of 'living in the moment'.  Our Celtic ancestors were attracted to trees because they were thought to be a sacred spiral of energy that could be accessed for both growth and enlightenment.  From this ancient respect  for the power of the trees comes the expressions 'touch wood' and 'knock on wood'.    by Willow

$ 13.00 CDN

Introducing a trusted friend and associate, Barry Alder.  Barry is the author of the series Inner Voices listed below.  In addition to his writing skills he is now offering his services as a micro publisher for both hard copy and e-book formats.  Look into his web sites:




All books listed are also available in e-book form.

Inner Voices: The Awakening,

First in a series of books by Barry Alder; the Inner Voices Series.  This fictional work is an introduction to a group of soldiers placed in stasis, to be awakened in five years time only to find that three hundred years have passed.  The story deals with their learning to cope in this new world of the future and their relationship with their original protectors, a highly evolved community who communicate on a spiritual plane.                                                                             Published by Baico Publishing Consultants Inc.,               Ottawa, Ontario, 2008.     

$ 19.95 CDN

Inner Voices: First Growth

Second in the Inner Voices Series of books by Barry Alder.  The surviving soldiers continue to learn about this new world that they have awaken into.  A love interest is developing and tensions rise as a threat of invasion looms in the future.  Both the soldiers and the community experience face to face encounters with the forces of the Empire. Published by Baico Publishing Consultants Inc.,               Ottawa, Ontario, 2009.

$ 19.95 CDN

Inner Voices: Growing Pains

Third of the Inner Voices Series of books by Barry Alder.

Inner Voices: Balance Restored

Forth and final book of the Inner Voices Series by Barry Alder

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